Rynek 13, Wrocław      Zapraszamy codziennie od godz. 13.00

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For many years Novocaina has been one of the best Italian restaurants in Wrocław.

In our menu you will find what is best in the traditional Italian cuisine – homemade pastas, original Neapolitan pizza, excellent meats, fish and seafood, fresh vegetables and herbs, along with delicious desserts. A few times a year, our Chef prepares also a special menu which bases on seasonal products.

Contact us

tel.  +48 71 343 69 15 (codziennie od 12:00)
mob. 691 390 118 i 661 970 362 and 721 001 959 (codziennie do 12.00)

Email: novocaina@novocaina.com

eventy@novocaina.com i +48 661 970 362